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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  November 25, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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hospital in stable condition right now. we doesn't know his ainge. initially we were told that he was in his mid-20s but now we are saying that the suspect is in his mid-20s. the family or the group of friends with the victim jumped and detained one of the would- be robbers. so they had someone detained now. this is hang on black friday. a crazy day for shoppers. and the police say they didn't expect -- they were hoping this wouldn't happen on a black friday but this is the advice they give to other shoppers. >> give it to them and save your life. some people just forget about that and they try to attach themselves to that so much that they can get hurt for it. >> reporter: you're taking a live look at walmart. the lights are on, the doors are open, there are people
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milling around. they may be employees. walmart is closed right now until about 6:00. of course, that's upsetting and bewildering some of the shoppers who were hoping to take advantage of the post- thanksgiving sales. according to ail walmart employee this walmart has been open since 6:00 yesterday morning. they didn't close at all so there were big crowds for the 10:00 specials and also the midnight specials and unfortunately, someone got shot right here and we're told that the robbers did not make any getaway with any goods. >> there must have been a lot of confusion there i would imagine this morning gil. what time did the shooting happen and i would imagine folks just leek with their goods and some coming into the parking lot expecting to shop must have said, what's going on? >> reporter: it around the corner 2 a.m. and it was probably busy because a lot of people were here for the midnight specials. i don't know how many people were here at the park lot but sure there was a continuous flow of people coming in and out but, you know, where it happened like right behind me
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the shooting it's probably a good distance away from the front entrance of walmart probably 500 feet away so it was not too close from the front entrance. if you were a shopper i'm sure you would be confused seeing all these people this mayhem and seeing all the cops around the scene as well. >> gil diaz live in san leandro, thank you. the shopping frenzy led to injuries at a walmart store in l.a. authorities say a woman used pepper spray on other shoppers last night in the videogame section of the porter ranch store. it was an apparent attempt from getting other customers from getting an item she wanted. no arrests. despite these cases that we're telling you about for the most part walmart stores have been busy but trouble-free. they hope a big sales day will set the tone for a successful holiday business season. target is among the retail
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chains that opened at midnight for post-thanksgiving sales this year. that's where we find sharon chin at a target in colma which was really busy, died down a bit? >> reporter: the holiday shopping season has started and here at the target in colma as you can see it has calmed down kuwait a bit. but this is what it looked like when the doors opened at the stroke of midnight. hours before opening the line was wrapped around the store. target instituted a no running policy to prevent stampede. if you run you don't get in. the store manager said no one was stopped for pushing or disorderly conduct. he says thousands of customers have streamed in and the crowds have tapered off now. i saw most people though vying for the electronics specials, $277 for
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a 3" hi-def 32" hi-def tv. people couldn't wait to shop. >> everyone has a big-screen tv now. it's huge. >> so this has become a new thanksgiving tradition standing in line. what do you think about that? >> it's the american culture to get hot deals on friday to give to family and friends. it's good for the economy. they are giving good deals this time of year so whatever gets people back to work. >> reporter: at kohl's nearby, another busy shopping scene. retail analysts say with the early start to black friday, they expect a decent holiday shopping season expected to be up 3%. consumer reports says a third of those surveyed plan to spend less, 15% say they plan to spend more. people here at target say they have been here, their carts are full, they are going to go to sleep and then shop some more
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when more stores are open. or they are going to head off to a bunch of other stores having not slept all night and continue their shopping event. so we have two kinds of shoppers here but for now it has calmed down quite a bit because most people were here as early as midnight. >> i think this is your opportunity. there is nobody there. but you're there. maybe do a little shopping. >> reporter: maybe. you want me to look for something for you? [ laughter ] >> could you get me a big- screen tv? one of those gigantic ones? >> reporter: we've seen quite a bit of those roll by and i understand that way if the back there may yet be a couple. so let me know what you want. >> sharon chin, thank you. what you didn't realize there are four bags at the bottom of her feet that she is going to be taking out soon. they have been shopping for 5 hours at santana row. the best buy opened at
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midnight. george was the first one in line that stretched for three blocks. he got there at 10:00 on wednesday morning. for him, it was a family event. >> everybody sleeps in the same tent. you know, so we kind of all suffer together and we also celebrate together. we have our thanksgiving dinner. we celebrated my mom's birthday. and it's just, you know, even though it doesn't seem like it, it is family time out here. >> birthdays, parties, the works. one of the big attractions is best buy's 42" tv for just $199. they let people into the store 50 at a time to help ensure shoppers' safety. in other news, a suspect in a domestic disturbance case is dead after an officer-involved shooting in sebastopol. an armed man was waiting outside his ex-girlfriend's apartment on fellers lane yesterday. several shots were fired at the suspects and he was pronounced dead at the scene. oakland "occupiers" and
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police seem to be at it again. this time it was over porta- potties. the police say the truck trying to deliver them was turned away from frank ogawa plaza because it didn't have a permit. the protestors wanted them delivered and argued with police. they surrounded the truck, prevented it from leaving. the truck did finally make it out of plaza. one person was arrested but no serious violence was reported. it is 5:07. let's get you out the door so you can do a little shopping with a little traffic and weather. >> elizabeth doing double duty. >> lawrence is sleeping in. he is doing the later shows today, maybe a little shopping, too. getting out there early getting black friday deals. we are warming up today by a few degrees but in the very early-morning hours, we still have a few scattered showers out there taking a look at our hi-def doppler, we have that line of rain showers moving in over vacaville, fairfield, also moving into portions of oakland and san francisco. this is not a huge rainmaker. this is just some light
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scattered sprinkles but you may need an umbrella if you are heading out early this morning to one of the malls. looking at temperatures out there right now, mostly in the 40s and 50s. so it's not actually too bad. 49 in concord, 50 out in oakland. like i said by later on this afternoon we are climbing up to the mid-60s in some spots. 64 in mountain view, 63 oakland. and 61 in san francisco. so the big deal over the next couple of days is these rain showers we have seen the past couple of days are out of here, low pressure gone, high pressure moves in and you can see we are left with sunshine by later on in the afternoon. and that really continues actually for the next seven days until next thursday. then rain a possibility after that. but we'll let lawrence deal with that once he comes back on monday. all right. let's go outside show what you it looks like on the roads. it is not too bad. of course, it's a holiday for a lot of folks so if you are commuting today you shouldn't have too much company out there. a lot of folks are heading out to did a little black friday shopping enjoying family time.
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if you are heading to an airport, oakland looks good up and down the nimitz right now north- and southbound 880. mass transit continues to remain on time. and coming out of downtown san jose you can see traffic is still very light approaching the 880 interchange. we'll have much morning traffic and weather coming up. in the meantime, back to you. >> thank you. 5:09. if you ride transit expect to see heavier police presence today. >> why bart is beaching up security today. plus, aheads up for you cyber monday fans. the perk that will be gone after this year for online shoppers. so you might want to buy this year. coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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protest." tens of thousands of protess in egypt they call it the last chance million man protest. tens of thousands of protestors are now filling up cairo's tahrir square to try to force
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egypt's ruling military council to finally step down. meanwhile, the families of those three american college students held in egypt are eagerly awaiting their homecoming back to the states. a court order the release of the men yesterday. they are said to be in good shape. they are accused though of throwing firebombs at security officers during mass protests this week. accusations all three men deny. the men could be set free by the end of the weekend. bart has extra police on patrol today to keep shoppers safe. bart is increasing its police presence on trains and parking lots and downtown san francisco stations. they want you to call them if you see something suspicious. they are also warning you to keep your wallet, cell phone and other valuables in a secure place and suggest shopping in teams. could be team frank. >> let's go. in oakland, it's one bay area city that's urging its residents to shop locally. there are two special events being held today one called
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keep downtown in the black. they will have deejays, musicians to entertain shoppers along broadway and dozens of stores will have refreshments and music under the plaid friday program involving independence businesses. they had "occupy oakland" there that, you know, made it kind of tough for some of the businesses there so they are hoping if you are going to shop, go check us out in oakland. >> trying to recover. 5:13. were you watching? a brotherly brawl. >> it's an nfl first. highlights from the 9ers-ravens game and what the sibling coaches had to say after this one. all coming up. taking a look at your snow report if you are planning to ski this holiday weekend, going up to heavenly, here's your conditions. partly cloudy with a snow base of 18 to 24." looks like no new snow reported in northstar but partly cloudy, snow base about 24 inches and up in squaw, no new snow but we do have some sunshine by later on this afternoon the coming up, a check of your weekend forecast. ,,,, [ male announcer ] for andy, tracking his spending with citibank
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[ beep ] hi. dave here. [ male announcer ] for dave, using citibank's online bill pay is as easy as setting up voicemail. hi, it's dave. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. hi, it's dave. i'm out of the office. [ male announcer ] online bill pay. easier banking. standard at citibank. the walmart store in san leo 5:16. let's take a look at the morning's top stories. the walmart store in san leandro is closed this morning because of a shooting in the parking lot. a shopper was critically wounded during a robbery attempt just before 2:00 this
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morning. in arizona, the investigation continues into a fiery plane crash in the mountains just east of phoenix. 6 people including the pilot and his three young children died in the wreck on wednesday night. and gabrielle giffords served a thanksgiving meal to troops in tucson. this was the first constituent event for her since she was shot in the head in january at a public appearance. good morning. looks like for the most part we are drying out even warming up by a few degrees by later on this afternoon. right now out the door you will see a few scattered showers especially over parts of oakland, berkeley looks like a few scattered sprinkles around san francisco. and along the peninsula. looking at temperatures right now as you head out the door, once again, some cloudy conditions, you may even see a little bit of valley fog. temperatures mostly in the 40s and the 50s. but we're warming up a bit. by later on this afternoon temperatures even climbing you want to mid-60s in some spots inland. and we will see a little bit of
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sunshine. so that low pressure system that brought us rain showers on wednesday and thursday, that is now out of here, for the most part pushing farther east and we are left with this high pressure ridge and a dry weekend. if you don't like the rain and have to do some holiday shopping maybe to an outdoor mall you shouldn't need the umbrella. just some sprinkles right now. here's your pinpoint forecast. later on this afternoon, like i sad, mostly in the 60s across the bay area today. 60 in vallejo, 63 in oakland, 63 out in redwood city. and for the next couple of days, that high pressure is holding steady so it's bringing us some sunshine by later on in the afternoon even close to 70 by the weekend for your sunday and then it continues to remain dry wednesday and on into thursday. taking a check of the roads for right now, if you are heading out crossing towards the golden gate bridge, we will see a little bit of damp roads especially through portions of the north bay. those scattered showers have been pushing farther east but they were in the north bay
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earlier so nothing to really mess up your morning commute but just something to be aware of. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge, westbound 92 looks like the dry time is updating but should be 13 minutes out of hayward toward foster city. bart is running longer trains for holiday shoppers. no service for ace train. golden gate ferry is in service. remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm. that's traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. 5719. if an lcd television is on your christmas list, today may be the day to go out and buy one. prices are expected to fall to the lowest levels ever. manufacturers are slashing prices to revive struggling sales for the flat screen hdtv sets. so many people have one that the market is shrink. so now is the time to buy.
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>> get a couple. if you plan to shop from the office on monday, you are not alone. cyber monday is expected to bring record online sales this year. a projected $1.2 billion. last year sales topped $1 billion. a survey finds workers were do holiday shopping while on the job monday after thanksgiving. this is the last holiday season for californians to shop online without paying state sales tax. currently online retailers don't have to charge sales tax if they don't have a physical presence in the state. that loophole will soon close. state lawmakers approved that internet sales tax in june hoping to level the playing field for brick and mortar retailers and generate new retail for the state. it kicks in next september. you know what's pretty loud? when a little kitten is stuck somewhere and it really wants
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out and all you hear is meow! >> the poor thing. how rescuers saved a cat in distress using wires and duct tape. sounds like a macgyver show. >> got him out. we are coming back, stay with us. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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dry mouth is uncomfortable. it can also lead to serious dental problems. [ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. a big mystery that has
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marine biologists fishing for answers this morning. take a look at this squid. it's part of the humboldt squid group that weighs only a pound apiece. usually it's in the sea of cortez weighing up to 30 pounds. el nino could solve the mystery. abrupt warming of the waters could have caused them to spawn early. the victims saved in a big thanksgiving day rescue operation didn't even say thank you. police, firefighters and animal rescue volunteers spent hours right here at an exposed utility pipe on a sidewalk in el cajon. a kitten had fallen inside. it was several feet down. but they could clearly hear its cries. it started about 4:00 in the morning. hours later crews made a catch pole. >> this cable came from animal control and with duct tape we fashioned a "get the cat out of the drain" tool. >> we had the cat about a foot from the opening.
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then the cat dropped off. >> well, they kept on trying. eventually they were able to pull the little kitty out. look at it. it's apparently okay. they think it is a stray. so one of the police officers who was involved in the rescue operation is going to adopt the cat. so it does have a good home. >> meow. >> that might be the copyright there. >> i think so. >> very cute. in the thanksgiving day football game some called the har-bowl. victory going to the east coast harbaugh, unfortunately 49ers jim harbaugh and baltimore ravens harbaugh became the first brothers to face one another as head coaches in an nfl game. this was the touchdown pass, but it was called back. that was pretty much the only highlight for the 49ers. they lost. the final the ravens take it 16- 6. >> to me, it's about all families. we didn't do anything different than any other family. everybody sitting in here has brothers and sisters and those stories which you probably heard more than you ever want to hear again they are the same
5:26 am
stories you had when were you growing up with your brothers. >> there's a saying that says, as iron sharp [ indiscernible ] one man sharpen another my brother john is the sharpest iron i have ever encounters my entire life. >> their father jack is a long- time coach himself some 40-plus years coaching football. he said last week he would visit with his losing son first. that would be jim. the 49er coach sadly . and, of course, they are just winging their way back home now. 9-2, looking good. >> their father is so proud. >> oh, my gosh. >> he wasn't at the game. he went to john harbaugh's house to watch it on tv. he said i would just be a mess. >> est proud. we are all about the black friday madness time. we have team coverage across the bay area coming up. a man is hospitalized this morning after being shot outside walmart. the latest details coming up. black friday shopping well under way. we'll show you what happened when one retailer decided to
5:27 am
institute a no running policy through the door. that's coming up. and things got out of hand in southern california. why one shopper started spraying pepper spray at other people. ,, can i, can i (repeated) v.o: can now be enjoyed in your coffee ( can i, can i (repeated) ) v.o: only international delight v.o: put's the real flavours from v.o: your favourite treats inside
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald.
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a terrifying start for some black friday shoppers here in the bay area. what we're learning about a parking lot shooting. from the east bay to san jose and san francisco, shoppers still packed inside the store still very busy as you can see from this live look. we are going to hear from those who waited days and find out the deals that they got. >> and if you are heading out for black friday shopping we have a new accident reported eastbound 24 right by the caldecott tunnel. coming up, a check of mass transit and your weekend forecast. good morning, it's friday, day after thanksgiving. i'm sure you're all still full. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. at least wee hope you are. it is 5:30 now. we begin this black friday with violence in an east bay parking lot around 1:30 this morning. a man is in the hospital right now. he is in critical condition. we get the breaking news from gil diaz on the scene now in san leandro. gil, good morning. >> reporter: hi, guys. good morning. yeah, it happened in the parking lot outside the walmart
5:31 am
an as the morning progresses, there are more investigators arriving at the scene. it happened around 1507 this morning. there is a lot of yellow tape in this parking lot. it's quite a distance away from the main entrance probably 400 to 500 feet but that shooting took place beyond this stop sign in this parking lot. you might see some stuff on the ground, some clothes strewn. those we're told are the victim's belongings. police say this was basically a robbery gone bad. according to officers, the victim was with his family or friends going to his car with a cartful of goods from walmart when robbers tried to get their goods. now, the victim's group tried to fight off the robbers and unfortunately, that's when gunshots got fired. by the time police arrived at the scene, they were patrolling the area for, you know, all night, because it is black friday. when it got to this area, they did find the victim on the ground. the victim is unidentify.
5:32 am
he was rushed to eden hospital at castro valley in stable condition. the group victim was with actually detained one of the would-be robbers. so they have that person in custody. they don't know if that person is the shooter. but the other suspects fled. police don't know if they fled on foot or in a getaway car. unfortunately, this happened on black friday and here's how police reacted to that shooting. >> i think, you know, when you have a lot of shoppers on a day like today, you know, that people get angry and, you know, for whatever reason things like this happen. >> reporter: you're taking a live look at walmart. it looks like walmart has reopened. earlier a worker said they would reopen at 6:00 but it looks like they are open because i see families walking in and not being turned away so yeah a lot of frenzy happening here at walmart but hopefully
5:33 am
we'll get more details as it unfolds and hopefully have more suspect descriptions out there. back to you guys. >> gil diaz live in san leandro, thank you. the shopping mayhem also led to injuries at a walmart store in southern california in l.a. police say a woman actually used some pepper spray on some other shoppers last night. she was in the videogame section of the porter ranch store and it was an apparent attempt to prevent other customers getting an item that apparently she wanted. so far no arrests. if you ride bart this morning you might notice extra police on patrol. bart is increasing its police presence today on all its trains and parking lots in downtown san francisco stations. they want you to call them if you see something suspicious. they also warn you to keep the wallet, your cell phone and other valuables in a secure place out of sight and suggest if you are going to shop today, why not shop in teams? target is one of several retail chains that opened at midnight for that post- thanksgiving sale.
5:34 am
>> yeah. sharon chin joins us from the target in colma which was very busy but not so much right now. it's kind of winded down a little bit , huh? >> >> reporter: a bit. you're not seeing the cruz that were here a few hours a-- you're not seeing the crowds that were here a few hours ago. but we want to show what you it look like at its peak at midnight. hours before target opened, hundreds of customers had already lined up for door buster deals but the store manager said the crowds remained orderly. target set forth a no running policy. people who ran or shoved were not allowed in. what drew them in were electronics specials, a 32" samsung tv for $277, still are some left at this hour. or a $20 dvd player. at 3 a.m., we saw quite a few carts with tvs. for the customer first in line there is nothing that compares
5:35 am
with the black friday rush. >> well, the savings are pretty good. i think, you know, you save a couple of hundred dollars on a tv or $150 on a laptop which could be worth it for a lot of people of. but a lot of people coming out, hanging out, everybody has a good time on thanksgiving. it's a good time. we keep ourselves busy and socialize and stuff like that. >> reporter: ah, it's the experience. minutes away at kohl's another busy shopping day. retailers are forecasting a decent holiday shopping season. expected to be up 3% over last year. consumer reports says that about a third of those surveyed planned to spend less 15% say they plan to spend more. now, we talked to a number of people today who say that they have not slept last night. they have thanksgiving dinner and then they came to the midnight opening here. and after being here at target they say some of them say they are heading to best buy and
5:36 am
then to other stores afterwards. others say we are going to sleep and then resume shopping later on. some people are going to try to do as much of their christmas shopping today as possible. frank, grace? >> i guess there is a great sense of relief if you can do it all on black friday and then just relax in december but i never seem to do that. >> tough to do. >> reporter: there are those who say they love the experience with the crowds and crazy people and the zoo atmosphere. they really like that. >> some people do. something for everyone. thanks a lot, sharon. it is now 5:36. 600 people were in line at one san jose store at midnight. the line was three blocks long outside the best buy at santana row at the head of the line george. he got there at 10:00 on wednesday. for him he says it was a family event. >> everybody sleeps in the same tent. so we kind of all suffer together. and we also celebrate together. we have our thanksgiving
5:37 am
dinner. we celebrated my mom's birthday. and it's just, you know, even though it doesn't seem like it, it is family time out here. >> one of the big attractions at best buy a 42" tv for $200. they let people into the store 50 at a time to ensure shopper safety. now, let's go back to walmart. that's where the stores have been very busy. check out this store at mccarthy ranch in milpitas. here's a live look. now, most of the people seem to be inside. the nation's largest retailer was not to be outdone by rival stores. walmart opened at midnight. and most walmart stores opened at 10:00 on thanksgiving itself so people even at this early how still shopping. maybe this is when we should go like 4:30 in the morning. >> i'm starting to get a little motivated. $199 for a 42" flat screen? >> i'll take two. >> i'll say. how about you, elizabeth is this. >> we didn't even have to sleep. we could have just gone from dinner to shopping to work. there you go. bring an umbrella if you
5:38 am
are looking for a good holiday deal. there are still some light scattered showers. this is just light stuff no big deal. but just something to be aware of. showers are heading farther east. you can see them in oakland, alameda and along the peninsula through san mateo county. they should be gone by mid- morning and we may see some sunshine and a drier weather pattern setting up for the next couple of days. out the door 40s and 50s so it is going to be chilly. bring a jacket. by this afternoon, sunshine and those temperatures are climbing up to about the low 60s in some parts. coming up we'll take a check of your seven-day forecast. once again, i can tell you high pressure is moving in. so we should be seeing some pretty dry weather over the next few days. taking a look at some bay area roads out there, like said, maybe a few rain showers out there over portions of the north bay, as well. looks like they have mostly moved through but you may find
5:39 am
some light showers over portions of the golden gate bridge so we'll show you that in just a second. first eastbound 24 right before the caldecott tunnel, there is an accident reported. it looks like it is in the clearing stages. we have not seen any slowing yet but if you are heading toward broadway plaza mall in walnut creek watch out for that, possibly slight delays but again looks like chp arrived on scene. at the bay bridge once again maybe some damp roads but overall no major delays heading into san francisco right now. we are not expecting a full morning commute. an as far as mass transit goes bart is running longer trains to accommodate shoppers. ace train no service and no ferry service on the harbor bay ferry. >> it's a well oiled machine. clicker handoff weather to traffic. >> you saw that? >> that's behind the scenes action. >> outstanding. time now 5:39. police deal with "occupy oakland" again. the special delivery at frank ogawa plaza. >> we are gearing up for cybermonday. why this could be the biggest
5:40 am
online shopping day ever. ,, 3q you disgust me. prove it. enough's enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding, guaranteed. d-con. get out.
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if you are going out to do some black friday shopping bring an umbrella. we'll see light scattered showers until mid morning. showers are moving farther east but we are seeing some green on our hi-def doppler through portions of oakland and into san francisco. taking a look out the door right now, cloudy, some showers like i said persisting for most of our morning hours but by this afternoon, we should see sunshine and 60s. partly cloudy and the dry weather pattern continues for the next couple of days. low pressure that brought us the rain showers on your thanksgiving holiday, that is now out of here. we have this.
5:43 am
we have a dry weekend setting up with high pressure system moving in and it looks like a dry weather pattern actually for the next week or so. we are not seeing any rain showers in the forecast until at least next thursday. we should be warmer today than yesterday. 62 san rafael, 60 vallejo, 63 san jose, and one of or warmer spots 64 in mountain view. so like i said over the next couple of days, it actually doesn't look too bad for your holiday weekend, even near 70 on sunday. checking a few more days out there, wednesday, thursday, like i said, highs mostly in the mid even upper 60s if you are heading inland. let's check your traffic now. out the door right now, here's what it looks like. let's see. we are going to start with a live look from chopper 5. it's over union city. they are showing you 880 so if you have some holiday shopping to do, you want to get a good deal, so far we are not seeing any major delays up and down
5:44 am
the nimitz. it looks pretty good wherever you're going including bay area malls. we have been checking the roads around tanforan and broadway plaza shopping center. we'll continue to send chopper 5 all across the bay area and show you what's going on if you are about to head out. here's live look at northbound traffic on 280. i realize this shot is dark right now but i can tell you that everything is fine out of downtown heading out towards cupertino. same thing for your bridges. earlier we saw some scattered showers move through so we were seeing damp roads across the golden gate bridge. but again, it looks like all that is pushing farther east. now we are okay for your drive all the way through marin county. bart is running longer trains today for holiday travelers and black friday shoppers. and we were following this accident. it looks like this is now completely gone. eastbound 24 right before the caldecott tunnel, so should be a nice drive out towards walnut creek and orinda and here's live look at the bay bridge. looks like a stall is reported. you can see flashing lights approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. now, there are no metering lights so there are no big
5:45 am
delays across the upper deck. so even if there is a stall it shouldn't cause any major problems this morning if you are heading into san francisco. and remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm. that is traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. holiday light. >> right. >> thank you. time now to check the top stories on this friday. a man was critically wounded in a walmart parking lot shooting in san leandro early this morning. it happened during a robbery attempt. one suspect is in custody. chicago police are searching for a man believed to have killed his ex-girlfriend at a local hospital. the facility was locked down overnight but authorities failed to find the shooter at the hospital. and in arizona the investigate continues into a fiery plane crash into the mountains east of phoenix. six people including the pilot and his three young children died in the wreck wednesday night. oakland "occupiers" and police are at it again and the
5:46 am
fight this time is over porta- potties. police say a truck trying to deliver them was turned away from frank ogawa plaza yesterday for not having a permit. the protestors who wanted them delivered argued with police and then surrounded the truck preventing it from leaving. the truck finally got out. one person was arrested. three american families learned their sons will be released by egyptian authorities soon. tensions in the country continue to mount. protestors are calling for a million man march it morning and take live look at tahrir square. it looks like they are well on their way. tens of thousands have come to this area in order to show their support. tara mergener has the latest. >> reporter: it's still unclear exactly when gregory porter, lou gates and derek sweeney will be heading home. an egyptian court ordered their release thursday but the three american college students remain in custody.
5:47 am
they are accused of throwing firebombs during this weak's demonstrations. but the students allegedly shown here in a crowd insist they didn't do anything wrong. >> i wouldn't wish this roller coaster ride on my worst enemy. >> reporter: derek sweeney's mother said she was elated to hear news of their release and hopes the throw will be freed by sunday. >> we can all see the light at the end of the tunnel and it will be -- it's coming to a resolution that we are really looking forward to. >> reporter: derek's father says the young men are sleeping on a tile floor in a room without furniture. >> we wouldn't do that to axe murderers. it's appalling that they would make kids sleep on the floor. >> reporter: the state department is work closely with egyptian authorities to bring the students home. u.s. officials are also urging all americans to avoid the demonstrations. this morning, protestors in cairo are calling for a million man march demanding egypt's military ruler step down. military leaders are refusing
5:48 am
to immediately transfer power to civilians, instead promising to speed up presidential elections. for now, a truce between police and protestors appears to be holding. but some fear monday's parliamentary elections could spark more violence. tara mergener, cbs news. there is a new chapter in the recovery of representative congresswoman gabrielle giffords. she served thanksgiving meals to troops in tucson yesterday. this was the first constituent event for the congresswoman since she was shot in the head back in january. the public appearance in arizona she helped serve alongside her now retired husband astronaut mark kelly. but she made an amazing progress considering what she within the through. >> a long way to go but she looks great. healthy. >> she couldn't talk, walk, do
5:49 am
a number of things. 5:48. the signs at&t may not merge with t-mobile, coming up. >> you have heard the saying, defense wins the game. what jim harbaugh said after the 49ers lost. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:50 am
5:51 am
and t-mobile this made a big splash when it hit the news but new this morning it looks like the merger with at&t and t-mobile won't happen. at&t nearly admitted defeat yesterday saying it is setting aside $4 billion to cover a fee if the deal falls through. they have withdrawn their application for fcc approval. shoppers in alameda county may have as to start paying for plastic bags. the plan is being proposed by the waste management authority. each bag would cost 10 cents.
5:52 am
restaurants clothing retailers and other nonfood related stores are exempt. the first meeting is december 14. it is 5:52. planning to do a logical holiday shopping from the office on monday on the internet? you're not alone. a lot of people are. a projected $1.2 billion a bit more compared to last year this cyber monday. a new survey finds mother half of all workers plan to do a little holiday shopping on the job monday after thanksgiving. this is the last holiday season for california shoppers to shop online without paying sales tax. currently online retailers don't have to charge sales tax if they don't have a physical presence in the state. state lawmakers approved the internet sales tax law back this june to level the playing field for the brick and mortar retailers and generate revenue. it kicks in ne september.
5:53 am
john and jim harbaugh opposing head coaches in the ravens-49ers game here on cbs 5. the one touchdown came from the ravens in the 3rd quarter. their defense controlled the 9ers offensive line sacking alex smith the guy was on his back the entire game. nine times he was sang. tied a record for the ravens. terrell suggs had three by himself. 49ers offense held to just 170 total yards in the loss. >> this game was about the players, highly competitive. didn't go our way. we're disappointed but our team has steel in its spine and this ultimately will make us stronger for our ultimate goal. >> next up for the 9ers, the st. louis rams. that is a week from sunday. that will be played at candlestick park. but, you know, had a lot of
5:54 am
fun because of the two harbaugh brothers and, of course, mom and dad celebrating their 50th anniversary by the way. >> it was fun. >> christmas is officially being kicked off across the bay area today. >> in silicon valley it is a holiday tradition that dates back to the 1950s. the opening ceremony for san jose's annual christmas in the park starts at 5:30 this evening downtown at plaza de cesar chavez followed by the lighting of the community giving treatment at 6:15. also in san francisco tonight a familiar face is going to be helping santa claus get the christmas season under way. roberta gonzales with her arms around santa will return to emcee tonight's lighting ceremony at ghirardelli square. besides lights and ornaments, there is another unique item on the tree. it also has oversized chocolate bars. >> guess what happens a week --
5:55 am
four weeks from today? >> christmas. >> roberta looks so glam. >> with the hat. >> chapeau. >> with a little fur. >> is that what that is. >> that's what i call it. >> i'm thinking of the chocolate bars and you're looking at her outfit. look at the boots, man. >> got to get dressed up for santa. >> you do. i know. >> he has a wife. [ laughter ] >> okay. let's do a little traffic and weather. >> lawrence has the day off. so let me just show you what's going on on our hi-def doppler. you can see that we still have actually a few lingering showers out there. this is not going to be a huge rainout just some light sprinkles if you are about to head out with black friday shopping to do. it's quickly moving east. by sunrise you may see rain showers completely out of here. over the next couple of days, your seven-day forecast actually looks great. if you don't like rain, then things look good. it's actually dry for the next couple of days. and even reaching into close to 70 inland by sunday.
5:56 am
so yeah, high pressure holding strong. let's talk traffic now. if we are going out toward the bay bridge toll plaza -- there was a tow truck in lanes approaching the toll plaza. there is an accident on the lower deck eastbound 80 heading towards oakland. they may have to run a traffic break. there may be slight delays heading out of san francisco heading towards oakland but in the commute direction not much of a commute this morning so things look good now heading into san francisco. bart is running longer trains to accommodate shoppers. no service on ace. no service on alameda harbor ferry, as well. >> double dipping. >> double clickers. >> :thank you. 5:56. in the next half hour a singer
5:57 am
flubbing the national anthem. how the crowd react when she just stopped singing. >> black friday off to a violent start. why one woman pepper sprayed other shoppers. on this black friday, a man is shot outside a store. we'll tell you exactly where it happened. those details coming up. black friday shopping has begun. the details that brought people out at midnight. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:58 am
5:59 am
gunfire breaks out on black friday. the latest on a shooting at a bay area store. >> black friday crowds won't calm down any time soon. we have team coverage straight ahead. good morning. word of a new accident on muni involving a pedestrian. there are delays and shuttle


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